Slide iPad Stand
  • Slide iPad Stand

Slide iPad Stand

What’s your angle?

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    The rubber cylinder

    Remove the rubber cylinder...

    Machined from a single piece of high-grade aluminium, the Slide iPad Stand is a stylish, lightweight and portable way to prop up your snazzy Apple tablet. With a high-quality industrial feel, this sleek piece of design perfectly complements the iPad’s iconic looks. But how does it work? Well, that’s the really clever part.

    Moving the rubber cylinder

    Place the rubber cylinder and slide the iPad into position

    Hidden inside the compact aluminium stand is a simple black rubber cylinder. When you need to prop up your iPad, just rest the aluminium stand on a flat surface and place the rubber cylinder along its top edge. Sit your iPad in the curve of the aluminium stand and rest it against the rubber cylinder. This alone will give you a solid, angled base for typing or gaming.

    However, if you need to prop the iPad up for watching movies, giving a presentation, or simply browsing the net, just raise the back of the iPad. The high-friction black cylinder will roll down the angled aluminium base to fill the gap as your raise the iPad. When you’ve found you’re perfect angle, just let go! The black cylinder will already be in place to hold the iPad in your chosen position.

    carry pouch and Slide iPad Stand

    Comes with a carry pouch

    Tap, type or swipe to your heart’s content. Your iPad will sit comfortably in this ingenious stand without wobbling or slipping out of place.

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