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Sleepy Bunny

Help your pup get some kip

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    What’s cuter than a puppy? A sleeping puppy! And what’s cuter than a sleeping puppy? How about a sleeping puppy with a teddy!? Well that’s part of the thinking behind the Sleepy Bunny.

    Newborn pups quickly get used to napping with their brothers and sisters, so it can be quite a shock to suddenly find themselves sleeping on their own. Not to worry though, because the Sleepy Bunny has been developed to be the perfect night time companion.

    Taking the heart out Switching the heart on Puppy sleeping

    Take the heart out...

    Switch it on...

    Watch your puppy dream away!

    The soft plush teddy is fitted with Puppy Pulse – a simulated heartbeat to calm and reassure your pint-sized pooch. It’s the perfect way to ease them into sleeping on their own. Plus, you’ll also get a better night’s sleep, without having your heartstrings plucked by the lonely yelps from the kitchen.

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