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Sleeping Pod

More room to manoeuvre

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    Sleeping bags are all practical and warm and that. But even seasoned campers can feel a bit like a trussed chicken when they’re zipped up to the neck. Sure, they’ll keep you warm, but what’s the point if you’re too claustrophobic to fall asleep? Thankfully, the clever folks behind the Sleeping Pod have found the solution – a bigger bag!

    restless sleeper

    So much room, so many ways to fill it! Great for restless sleepers

    At 2.2m long and 1.1m wide it's much larger than standard sleeping bags, this extra space makes all the difference. So forget doing the worm every time you need unzip yourself. This more-than-adequate bag gives you all the room you need to roll over, stretch out and sleep in any position you find comfortable. Not so much a sleeping bag then, as a climb-in duvet. Now that’s the kind of camping we like!

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