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    Madcap cap shot glass laughs

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      Slambango is a drinking game based on the time-honoured tradition of knocking back a large shot of booze and then heartily planting the glass back on the table with a loud bang. The twist here is that each of the shot glasses has been doctored so that a cap can be inserted into its base. There once was a time when all boys had a roll of pink caps for exploding in toy guns or under stones; here, in their renaissance, they are the key element in an outrageously simple and fun alcoholic experience.

      A game unravels thus: one of the shot glasses is loaded with a cap in the base (you can't tell by looking when a glass is primed with its microscopic explosive charge). The glasses are then 'shuffled' to randomise the location of the loaded glass, and then placed on the Slambango mat. The pourer fills, and then each participant takes it in turn to choose a glass, drain it of its contents and them slam it (hence the name, nomenclature fans) back on the mat.
      Whoever slams down the loaded glass is a) greeted with the sound of the cap going off, and b) excluded from the remainder of the game. Those who haven't had a turn in that round must drink any glasses left full after the cap goes off. The cap-free player after five rounds (six glasses down to two) is declared the winner. Under Firebox rules, the winner is entitled to a prize. A shot of booze is always welcomed.

      You can understand how games of Slambango easily lead to hilariously messy evenings of drunken fun. Considerable investigation has shown that making up a batch of cocktail to use in place of neat spirits prolongs the entertainment, as does the introduction of forfeits and tasks. Our favourite drinking game? Ask us in the morning...

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