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Skype Phone Converter
  • Skype Phone Converter

Skype Phone Converter

Love your phone, hate your bills?

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    Have you heard about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the amazing new technology that allows you to make free phone calls using your Internet connection?

    Skype Phone Convertor If you have, you'll know that it can save you an absolute fortune, especially if you've got friends and family strewn across the globe. If you haven't, you really need to get with the program pronto, because VoIP technology allows you to make free calls to fellow users and obscenely low cost calls to landlines and mobiles all over the world. And there's no easier way to get into the wonderful world of VoIP than via the ingenious uConnect skype phone convertor.

    Skype Phone Convertor This neat little box of tricks takes the signal from your traditional home phone - be it analogue, DECT or even cordless - and converts it into digital data for transmission over the Internet. Clever, eh? Simply attach your uConnect to your regular phone line and your computer's USB port, load up the included Skype software and Bob's your uncle! It's completely idiot-proof and easier than, er, picking up the phone.

    Skype Phone Convertor Once hooked up, your phone will work just like it always did, but pressing the * key twice will immediately activate Skype, allowing you to natter away for nothing for hours on end. (You'll need Broadband to get the best from uConnect and it goes without saying that your computer has to be switched on to take advantage of the VoIP function).

    If you're into long distance calls the uConnect will pay for itself in seconds, especially if far flung friends and roaming loved ones are Skyped-up with a VoIP-friendly handset like the VTraveller.

    Installing your Skype Phone Convertor - 6 easy steps:

    Skype Phone Convertor
    Skype Phone Convertor

    Skype Phone Convertor Free calls aside, you'll also be able to use your newly-converted handset to access a whole host of user-friendly features, including VoIP voice recognition and speed dialling. And if you've got a DECT handset a nifty caller display feature tells you who's calling. Best of all you won't have to sit by your computer every time you fancy a VoIP-powered natter. And if you're cordless, a wandering you can go!

    Skype Phone Convertor When it comes to incoming calls your phone will automatically ring as if it's your standard phone. Which it still is. If you want. Which is nice. Converted? You will be, and so will your phone. So come on, get yourself uConnect-ed and discover that talk is not only cheap, it's FREE!

    How much could you save?*
      SkypeOut BT**

    UK - National 1.2p 3p

    UK - Mobiles 14.2p 12.6p - 24.01p
    (network dependant)***

    Ireland 1.2p 14p

    USA 1.2p 14p

    Australia 1.2p 22p

    *All prices based on per minute daytime calls.

    ** Call costs calculated using the BT Call Pricer based on a daytime call from a BT landline with "BT Together Option 1" discount plan. Click here for more information.

    *** More information on BT landline to mobile pricing click here.

    ...and that's just a sample! Click here for a full price list of countries you can call using Skype.

    More detail and specification