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Sky Commander Helicopter

    Sky Commander Helicopter

    Take to the skies with the first air-powered chopper!

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      We all feel a surge of excitement when we see a helicopter. In fact, heli-historians reckon 'copter-style flying gizmos were envisioned by man well before wings and things. Boffins in China were playing with a handspun toy that climbed skywards yonks before Leonardo put brush to parchment. Sadly, now that helicopter flight is a reality it's strictly for the rich and terminally annoying. Unless of course you happen upon the amazing Air Hogs Sky Commander.

      up, up and away

      This phenomenally inexpensive little chopper is the easiest way to pursue a 'copter-related hobby bar joining the military, winning the lottery or hanging around with bazillionaire heli-dudes such as, er, Noel Edmonds.

      pump action

      As with other Air Hog vehicles, the Sky Commander is powered by a truly innovative propulsion system, the R.A.I.D. (Revolutionary Air Intake Design) Air Pressure engine. Once the aircraft is secured onto its funky docking station pump, you pump away to fill an internal chamber. As the pressurized air is released, it powers a genuine cylinder and piston engine. It's easy to use and ready for flight in only 20 pumps, or 30-40 pumps for maximum flight time.

      engine close-up

      With its amazing propulsion system, the Sky Commander can reach impressive heights of up to 50ft and cover incredible distances. Just pump it up and watch it soar. With its light but durable bodywork the Sky Commander can withstand countless crash landings and even the odd tree collision.

      Whirlybird in hand

      According to its makers, the Sky Commander is the most advanced Air Pressure toy ever engineered - The R.A.I.D. engine was one of Popular Science magazine's Top 100 achievements in Science and Technology - and who are we to argue, because we've been constantly Air Hogging it since these wonderful whirlybirds landed at Firebox HQ. Prepare for take off!

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