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Skull Tidy

Clear your head

Product not available at the moment.
  • The perfect cranial container to store all of your pocket junk
  • A reminder of just what can happen to you if you forget your keys
  • Made from a rugged and hefty plastic
  • It's so detailed they'll think you dug it up and scalped it yourself!
  • Feel like an eccentric Hannibal Lector sort of character
Everyone's got that special spot where they routinely dump all of their belongings. Phones, keys, headphones, jewellery, cash and other precious lint. Carelessly piled up, just waiting to be lost and forgotten.

You need the Skull Tidy in your life – it's the perfect cranial container to stow away all of your indispensable junk. His little bony face providing you with a constant deadpan reminder of just what could happen to you if you forget the vital items contained within.

Made from a rugged and weighty plastic with a deep bowl cavity (they must have had a truly remarkable brain), this fine piece of skeletal storage is so highly detailed, your friends will think you dug it up and scalped it yourself! Adorn him with your glasses and hats, fill him with coins or fill him with cereal. Use him as you please. He won't/can't judge.

Now you can keep a clear head, safe in the knowledge that everything you need, is waiting for you inside of his.

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