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Skull Mug
  • Skull Mug

Skull Mug

Boneheaded drinking vessel

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    How do you make a mug seem really creepy? Well, yes, we suppose you could cover it with photos of Paul Danan and David Gest, but we were thinking of something a little more sinister. Enter the gloriously macabre Skull Mug.

    Skull Mug

    Skol!...I mean cheers!

    This quality ceramic mug is the ideal drinking vessel for Halloween parties, horror-themed get-togethers, piratical soirees and death metal sing-alongs, as it resembles a human skull. It's even got a handle that resembles interlocking bones. Yikes!

    Drink your favourite demonic brew from this gruesome cranium and you'll be in good company: Lord Byron used a skull as a drinking vessel and many ancient warriors drank from chalices fashioned from enemy braincases. All of which has little relevance to your daily elevenses but it's worth remembering when the lights are out and wisps of steam start billowing from your cocoa. Eek!

    Skull Mug

    Make a ghoulish brew!

    Talking of demonic brews, the Skull Mug is perfect for holding drinks with a bit of oomph. Why not fill it with your favourite potent libation and pass it round the party as a kind of chalice of doom? You could even create you own mystic brews and sip 'em from your Skull Mug whilst conducting crackpot experiments in your subterranean laboratory. Failing that you can fill it with tea and dunk a few Hob Nobs.

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