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Skull Candle
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Skull Candle

Runny Bones

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  • Cast from a real skull. Whose, we do not know. But someone cool
  • Burns for over one hundred hours
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Does not contain a large waxy brain
  • So highly-detailed that people will think you dug it up yourself


Whether you're a crusty ol' pirate, a voodoo shaman, a member of a rebellious biker gang or just have a love of human anatomy and wax-based ornaments – you need the Skull Candle.

This creepy life-size cranium is handmade in the UK and cast from a Real. Human. Skull. (always read the donor card kids). Its handsome bleached-bone features will take over 100 hours to melt, and are so ludicrously detailed that your friends and family could be excused for thinking you dug it up yourself!

Use it to banish (or summon) evil spirits, hold it at arms length and recite depressing Shakespearean soliloquies, or just sit back and watch this haunting skeletal centrepiece burn.

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  • "Very realistic and high quality, and very well packaged."
    George - 13th of August, 2015