Skeye Nano Camera Drone
  • Skeye Nano Camera Drone
  • Skeye Nano Camera Drone
  • Skeye Nano Camera Drone
  • Skeye Nano Camera Drone

Skeye Nano Camera Drone

The World's Smallest Camera Drone

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  • Capture all your high-flying adventures with the built-in camera
  • Perform mid-air flips and tumbles whilst recording it all!
  • Ready-to-fly technology, just throw it in the air and begin flying
  • Control the drone and camera from up to 50 metres away
  • It's tiny! Measures just 4 centimetres across!


Always fancied filming your flights? Love the swift versatility of a micro drone? Don't want to fork out hundreds and hundreds of pounds? Now you can capture all of your high-flying acrobatic adventures with the Skeye Nano Camera Drone.

This nimble flyer measures just 4cm from blade to blade (!!!), weighs only 14g and yet somehow it manages to house an on-board camera. Thanks to its feather-light physique, the Skeye Nano is an aerobatic sensation; flip it, roll it, tumble it through the air – all the while filming every second of it.

The easy-to-use controller has adjustable gyro sensitivity so you can tailor it to your piloting skills – whether you're a casual flyer or looking for ultimate precision, it's got you covered. The drone and camera can be controlled from up to 50 metres away, and the creators have even kitted it out with bright LED lights so that you can fly it around in the dark. Though arguably the Skeye Nano's most impressive feature has to be the 'Ready to Fly' technology, just sling this drone into the air and start flying. It's basically the best feeling in the world.

Powered by an integrated 120 mAh battery that fully recharges in just half an hour, you get up to 4 minutes of aerial adventure per charge. Best of all, your death-defying stunts are recorded and stored on the included 2GB MicroSD card, ready to be uploaded and shared with your mates.

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  • "Small and compact nice little nano drone."
    Paul - 4th of February, 2016