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Skelly Bones

Tower of terror! (Sort of)

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    Skelly Bones

    How do you add a Halloween-ish twist to a traditional party game? No, you don't wear a hockey mask and hide in the closet (although that might be quite amusing). You buy Skelly Bones.

    Based on everyone's favourite lip-gnawingly tense stacking game, this big ol' pile of bones is the perfect way to give your parties a spooky edge. As you can see, instead of rectangular bricks, Skelly Bones is made up of, well, bones. There's even a big skull balancing on the top. Yikes!

    Skelly Bones

    Remove one bone at a time

    We're sure you know the rules, but for those of you who've spent the last twenty years trapped in some Freddy Krueger-style dream state, allow us to explain. The idea is to build the tower then take it in turns removing one bone at a time and placing it on the top without causing the whole thing to collapse. It sounds simple but, like Hannibal Lecter after a cerebrum stir fry, you can only use one hand.

    Skelly Bones

    Keep an eye on that skull!

    But what about the skull? Well you can place a bone on either side of it, but to complete the layer you have to lift the skull, lay down the middle bone and replace the skull on the top. If the skull falls but fails to topple the stack, you must remove a bone from the top layer and place it back in the stack. You must then take another bone from the stack and move it to the top before putting the skull back. Tense? You can almost hear those screechy violins from Psycho every time the tower twitches.

    Just like Scooby Doo, Casper and the Munsters, Skelly Bones isn't particularly scary, but the bones and skull give proceedings a suitably ghoulish atmosphere. Better still, it's guaranteed to generate plenty of whoops, yelps, ooohs and aarghs. No bones about it!

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