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Skeletons Playing Cards

Deal a dead hand

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  • See the bony innards of a Komodo Dragon, Roadrunner and more
  • 52 poker-sized cards emblazoned with striking animal skeletons
  • Created by the American museum of Osteology
  • A classic combination of playing and learning
All the way from America's one and only skeleton museum, we bring you... Skeleton Playing Cards.

This beautifully-presented pack includes a myriad of exciting natural frames; ranging from the African Elephant and Humpback Whale to more bizarre skeletons like the Pacman Frog and Snapping Turtle. It's a tried and tested combination of playing and learning.

They're particularly effective at livening up high-stakes poker games – get people thinking about their body language so that you can see right through them (and give 'em a good ribbing when they deal a dead hand).

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  • "Great quality. Can distract from the game you're playing when you start comparing skeletons!"
    Lewis - 14th of April, 2015