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If Tron made skateboards

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    Skateboards, rollerblades, snakeboards... we’re not short of ways to get around town, over park benches and up old people’s noses. But the Skatecycle, from US company Brooklyn Workshop, outclasses them all.

    Already making waves across the pond, this cool piece of kit is the world’s first self-propelled hubless skate. Just slot your feet into the space where the hubs should be and carve down a hill (like a snowboarder), or weave along the flat. The clever set up lets you propel yourself along indefinitely, without ever taking your feet off the plates!

    side detail

    The design looks like something straight out of Tron!


    Propel yourself along the flats

    Choose your Skatecycle in original white for wowing the crowds as you pass by. Or pick your model in (a world first) black for night-time ninja skills and slick getaways.

    Sure, mastering the Skatecycle takes time (20 minutes in our case. Oh alright, we're still practicing). But at the first glimmer of getting it right you'll be hooked! And once you've weaved your way from A to B, it’ll even fold up for easy storage. Honestly, you’ll wonder how you ever got by with just your legs.

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