SitPack Compact Seat

Rest on the go

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  • The world’s smallest, most compact resting device!
  • Fits easily in your bag or (large) pocket
  • Pop, Drop and Lock to use
  • Rest whenever and wherever you want
  • Just Sitpack and relax
It's been said that our increasingly sedentary lifestyles aren't doing our health any good. All that sitting in chairs plays merry hell with your inner workings and shortens your life.

Whilst that may indeed be true, standing up for a long time isn't exactly healthy either (thanks to the pressure on your aching joints, energy levels and posture etc).

That's where the revolutionary SitPack compact seat saves the day! Successfully funded on Kickstarter, this Danish creation is the world’s most compact foldable seat.

Great for absolutely anywhere - indoors, outdoors, festivals, queues, camping, busking, twitching, peacefully protesting, watching sport, commuting, waiting for end times. Sitpack lets you enjoy all the benefits of portable resting without being a burden to bring along.

Folding up to the size of a bottle of water, the innovative design means that it can fit in your backpack, bag or (decent size) pocket easily. When you need a rest, you just pop, drop and lock securely into place. When open, the rubber foot grips the ground whilst, once locked in place, the unique telescopic leg can support up to 100kg.

When using the Sitpack, you're sufficiently high enough (allowing you to talk to your standing pals) that you actually don't sit with all of your weight on it. This allows you to move all the small muscles whilst allowing you to keep your energy levels higher [than when sitting on a chair], especially when you wait three hours in the same spot!

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