Sing Sing Prison Food Tray
  • Sing Sing Prison Food Tray

Sing Sing Prison Food Tray

Feed like a felon

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    Being in prison sucks. Being in Sing Sing really sucks. Because despite its jolly-sounding name, Sing Sing is one of the most notorious nicks in the world. Situated in New York, this legendary penitentiary has incarcerated some of the most dangerous cons in American history and it still houses over 1700 incredibly naughty people to this day.

    Sing Sing Prison Food Tray But it's not all bad in Sing Sing. At least inmates get to eat their daily slop off a cool tray. And it's the little things that count when you're surrounded by nutters on a daily basis. In fact, the canteen tray used in Sing Sing is a criminally clever triumph of utilitarian design. But how do you get to eat off this design classic without doing a stretch? Easy, you buy the brilliant Sing Sing Dinner Tray.

    Sing Sing Prison Food Tray An exact replica of the tray used in New York's favourite correctional clink, this sturdy dish is ideal for chowing down in front of the telly, and you won't have to worry about being attacked with a plastic spoon every time you use it. Crafted in food-safe melamine, the Sing Sing Dinner Tray features six handy sections to keep your portions apart. This means you can plop your mash in one bit, your beans in another and your hacksaw-flavoured cake on the side. Genius! Curiously, this dishwasher safe tray is not suitable for porridge, but it's ideal for serving assorted nibbles. (Or should that be assaulted nibbles?).

    Sing Sing Prison Food Tray We're currently using a stack of Sing Sing Dinner Trays in the Firebox canteen and everyone loves 'em, especially our washer upper. Separate plates? Pah! As well as allowing you to feed like a felon, this highly practical tray is perfect for laptop dining and its shady background makes a great talking point at parties. We reckon the Sing Sing Dinner Tray is the best thing to come out of a US nick since that Shawshank bloke. So hurry up and escape from dull dinnerware before we cell out!

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