Simpsons Talking Ice Bucket
  • Simpsons Talking Ice Bucket

Simpsons Talking Ice Bucket

'Aaooow, I thought it was a big beer can filled with big beer!'

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    Apart from the fact he forgets birthdays and anniversaries, chews with his mouth open, hangs out at a seedy bar with bums and lowlifes, blows his nose in towels, scratches himself with his keys and thinks that 'trying is the first step towards failure,' Homer Simpson really is a model husband. And that's precisely why we thought we would honour Springfield's favourite son by selling a product he'd be proud of.

    The Duff Beer Talking Ice Bucket is, as its name suggests, a talking ice bucket that resembles a can of Homer's favourite brew. Double-walled to keep ice cooler for longer, this voluminous container will transport you into the colourful Simpson's universe the minute you clap eyes on it. But lift the lid and you could actually be in Springfield because a clever light sensor will activate three different phrases recorded by Homer (well okay, Dan Castellaneta) himself:

    Click to play sound clip! Click to play sound clip! Click to play sound clip!

    Duff Beer Talking Ice Bucket It goes without saying that this cool device will amuse anyone who hears it in action, but it's also extremely practical and perfect for parties, picnics and other drink-related shindigs. Measuring 23cm x 14cm, the Duff Beer Talking Ice Bucket holds enough ice to keep guests' drinks tinkling into the wee hours and it even includes ice tongs, so you won't have to 'scuse fingers' all night.

    Duff Beer Talking Ice Bucket Best of all, you'll never tire of hearing Homer's hilariously imbecilic voice whilst lifting the lid on a truly iconic brand of fictional beer. As Homer himself once said: 'Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to all of life's problems.' Woo-hoo!

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