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Simon Trickster
  • Simon Trickster

Simon Trickster

Has your memory met its match?

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    Simon Trickster

    Simon Classic

    Back in the late 70s electronic games were all the rage. Sadly most of them were rubbish. Basic technology and all that. But a few were brilliant in their simplicity. And Simon was the best of the lot.

    This diabolically addictive, follow-the-leader-style game had millions of fans. And that's hardly surprising because as well as being excruciatingly enthralling, Simon looked a bit like the spaceship off Close Encounters ( or an ELO album ). But the real basis of Simon's success was its fist-bitingly infuriating gameplay.

    Simon Trickster

    Simon Trickster

    Simon Rewind

    But why go foraging in the loft for your dad's clapped-out Simon when you can play Simon Trickster? Yes folks, the electronic legend has been given a noughties makeover in the shape of this all-improved version that tests your memory to the max in even more ways than its predecessor.

    Simon Trickster

    Simon Surprise

    As ever, the idea is to keep up with Simon's increasingly complex light formations by pressing the coloured lenses. Any bozo can follow the initial sequences but you'll need a keen mind to repeat the patterns as the game progresses. Simon Trickster features 4 games, and you can play solo, head-to-head or against friends.
    • Simon Classic: Can you press the lenses to repeat the patterns?
    • Simon Bounce: Follow the colours as they bounce from lens to lens.
    • Simon Surprise: Every lens is the same colour. Can you remember the patterns by location only?
    • Simon Rewind: It's Simon Classic with a brain-busting twist! Can you remember the patterns backwards?
    Simon Trickster

    Simon Bounce

    We've come across some devious electronic games in our time but Simon Trickster is one of the most forehead-slappingly maddening playthings in gaming history. In fact we hate to knock an icon, but we reckon it beats the original Simon hands down. Now, repeat after us: Firebox says buy Simon Trickster.

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