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Store SIM card info on your keyring

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    Please note: SimBackup replaces the "SimKey" product advertised in our Xmas 2004 Catalogue; SimBackup performs all the functions advertised but now includes a digital display!

    Mobile phones have revolutionised the way we conduct our everyday business, and these days you have to look pretty hard to find someone who doesn't have access to one of these palm-sized miracles of modern technology. We bet your gran's even got one (although she probably uses it to change channels on the telly).

    Simbackup: buttons

    But owning a mobile isn't all about naughty texts, grainy photos, "wacky" ringtones and endless games of technological one-upmanship. It has a downside, too. You don't believe us? Okay, without consulting your mobile, how many phone numbers do you know off the top of your head? What's your best friend's phone number? Your local takeaway's? Your Auntie Flo's? The point we're trying to make is that because mobiles store all of our numbers, we no longer bother learning them - these days you phone people by name, not their actual number.

    For this reason, losing your precious mobile can be a total nightmare. And who can be bothered to write down every single name and number in anticipation of this grim scenario? Life's too short. This is why we were so impressed by the staggering simplicity of Simbackup.

    Simbackup: SIM card

    A SIM card, yesterday

    This ingenious little box of tricks can back up any SIM card with up to 255 phone records, and it's small enough to hang on your keyring. Forget elaborate computer programs; transferring info into Simbackup is easier than picking up the phone. Simply pop in your simcard and Shazam! - the info is magically transferred to Simbackup's memory. An easy-to-read LCD screen displays all the relevant info should you require it, and a handy flip cover protects Simbackup's sleek fascia from the objects in your pocket.

    Simbackup is a doddle to use and owning one of these nifty little babies means losing your mobile doesn't have to mean losing all your contacts. Peace of mind at last!

    We'll even throw in a battery for good measure and a load of extra features including World Time clock, Alarm, Stop Watch and more. Forget superfluous, show-offy mobile peripherals; Simbackup is a crucial piece of kit for anyone who values the contents of their mobile. And that means you! SIM-ply essential.

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