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Silver Plated Love Heart
  • Silver Plated Love Heart

Silver Plated Love Heart

The playground favourite returns!

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    Showing someone special that you really care isn't always easy. Ludicrously expensive trinkets are good (actually, let's face it, they're really good) but we're not all made of money. And even if you are, money can't (necessarily) buy you love. So how do you strike that perfect balance between ironic petrol station carnations and OTT, P Diddy-style bling bling? Easy, you present the object of your desire with a gorgeous Sterling Silver-Plated Love Heart.

    Silver Love Heart Yes, romance fans, these incredibly cute sterling silver-plated gifts are modelled on the classic sweeties that we all larked about with during detention. And although it isn't edible it's bound to bring the memories flooding back.

    Silver Love Heart Beautifully crafted, the Love Heart is an ideal way to say you know what - whether it's for the first time or the umpteenth time. Indeed it's so romantic we were expecting fireworks to erupt amidst a crescendo of orchestral strings the minute we opened the plush presentation box.

    Best of all both the Silver-Plated Love Heart evokes innocent memories of that first crush, those frantic (well, all right, desperate) kiss chases round the playground and solo slow dances at the end-of-term disco (or was that just us?). The difference is it's a lot more appealing than scrawling 'My friend fancies U' on a scratty exercise book.

    Opening the box:

    Silver Love Heart

    Silver Love Heart Although telling someone how you feel is awkward when you're a sweet-chomping whippersnapper, it's even harder when you're a gadget-loving grown-up (well, you're on this site, aren't you?). So why go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like "I love you" when you can express the sentiment just as eloquently with a gleaming Love Heart. Aw, bless!

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