Silva SIJU Headlamp
  • Silva SIJU Headlamp

Silva SIJU Headlamp

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    available in black too

    Also available in black

    If you’re going to be wandering around in the dark any time soon, grab yourself a stylish Silva SIJU Headlamp. Armed with this compact LED head torch you’ll have both hands free to barbecue, pitch your tent, or survive a festival toilet at night.


    Carry on reading after dark

    The two LEDs provide a medium beam pattern, lighting up to 18 metres ahead of you. It’s even water resistant, so it won’t mind spending time in the rain (even if you do). And when you’re finished using it, the SIJU uses Silva’s built-in Cocoon storage system to fold up neatly. Once packed into a tidy bundle it’s easy to store into a backpack or keep in your jacket pocket.

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