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Silly Bandz

The next big thing

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    Silly Bandz

    Wear as many as you can!

    They’re inexplicably popular, ludicrously simple and kids in America are going absolutely nuts over them. No, not the Jonas Brothers. We’re talking about Silly Bandz.

    Conclusive proof that simplicity rules, Silly Bandz are colourful silicone shapes that can be worn as bracelets or used as rubber bands. Take them off and they magically return to their original profile. Clever, eh?

    Silly Bandz

    New: Justin Bieber Silly Bandz!
    24 bandz per pack

    Our spies across the pond tell us Silly Bandz are being collected and traded at a quite staggering rate; some schools have even banned them – and if that isn’t the sign of an era-defining craze, we don’t know what is.

    Silly Bandz

    Sea Creatures


    Pet Animals

    Zoo Animals

    Silly Bandz



    Rock n Roll

    New: Alphabet


    There are nine different Silly Bandz sets to collect, including Sea Creatures, Princess, Pet Animals, Zoo Animals, Rainforest, Sea Creatures, Rock n Roll, Alphabet and Justin Bieber themed ones. Collect ‘em, trade ‘em, wear ‘em and even use them to secure your thesis on daft crazes of the early 21st century. Look, don’t ask why, just buy!

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