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SiPix Pocket DV Camcorder

    SiPix Pocket DV Camcorder

    Feature-filled digicam that suits the smallest pocket. Literally!

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      When Hollywood was in its infancy, movie directors would scream orders through megaphones whilst some poor whippersnapper wore himself out hand-cranking a colossal camera. Fast-forward forty years and movie cameras had improved beyond recognition. You could even buy ones for home use. Sadly, they were expensive, celluloid munching monsters that produced movies of such appalling quality even Ed Wood would wince at them (the director, not the Equalizer).

      SiPix DV100: front view

      Of course, nowadays, even the smallest tape-accepting vidcam looks ancient, as the digital revolution has, well, revolutionised home moviemaking as we know it. Mini multi-functional vidcams have become the weapons of choice for anyone who's serious about capturing those special moments. So it gives us great pleasure to unveil the latest addition to our growing portfolio.

      SiPix DV100: in hand

      The SiPix Pocket DV Camcorder is a fabulously ergonomic little beauty that fits snugly into the palm. It's ideal for capturing quick-fire home movies, as it shoots in VGA mode, which delivers incredibly high quality resolution. The DV100 also boasts a 1.6" TFT LCD colour display, X2 digital zoom and an expansion slot for SD and MultiMedia memory cards (up to a whopping 256MB).

      SiPix DV100: side view

      As much as two minutes of footage, with audio, can be stored on the 8MB onboard memory. This might not sound like much, but it can be a lifetime in movie terms – imagine watching JarJar Whatsisname, or Kim from 24 for that long. Besides, fans of epic-style footage can simply purchase a 256MB SD card. That way, the camera will store up to two hours of moving magic!

      The Pocket DV Camcorder will also shoot still images (1.3 megapixel) and is capable of storing up to 82 pics in its onboard memory. As if this wasn't enough to get you practising your Oscar acceptance speech, you also get ArcSoft Video Impression and Photo Impression software, allowing you to edit and add special effects to your digital masterpieces. We're not talking Battle of HelmÂ’s Deep, but you can still achieve some pretty impressive results considering the camera's price and size.

      All in all, this chic little camera combines great value with fantastic quality, and is so user friendly we expect it to sail off our shelves faster than you can scream "Get me a bigger trailer and a really silly baseball hat."

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