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SiPIX Ultra

    SiPIX Ultra

    Listen to Motorhead on your camera. If you want.

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      Summer Sale £20 off! Pocketcams, spycams, pencams, carcams - we thought we'd seen everything in terms of über-incredible digital cameras, but then in waltzed this ingenious little blighter. Well okay, the SiPix can't dance, but what it can do is play music! Fantastic as it may sound (and believe us, it does), boffins have somehow miraculously shoehorned an MP3 player into this already feature-filled box of tricks. So as well as being a high quality digital stills camera with a mucho-impressive video capacity of 120 seconds, the sleek little SiPix can also belt out your favourite tracks.

      SiPix Ultra - rear view

      Just think, with a SiPix in your pocket you'll be able to capture all those unpredictable moments that life throws up AND have music on tap 24/7. In fact, just the other day, a SiPix-carrying member of the Firebox team was able to photograph a Belisha Beacon, video a minor celeb buying some organic sausages AND listen to some phat new choons, all in the space of a lunch break. How's that for postmillennial multi-tasking!

      SiPix Ultra - side view

      On the technical side of things, the SiPix boasts 2.1 Mega Pixel resolution for outstanding picture quality with vibrant colours. And if you want even greater resolution simply select high-resolution mode to boost the picture size to 3 Mega Pixels. A built in 16MB flash memory means you can safely store pictures and video, even without batteries, and thereÂ’s a handy SD/MMC card slot for unlimited storage. If all of this wasn't enough, the SiPix also features ultra-smooth 4X digital zoom and a macro mode for those all-important close-up shots.

      SiPix Ultra - in hand

      Framing and viewing your pics and vids couldnÂ’t be simpler, as the SiPix has a 1.6" colour LCD screen. In fact, with its impressive software bundle and idiot-proof USB cable this fabulous piece of digital wizardry is a total doddle to operate. So never mind the techno-jargon, here's the bottom line: the SiPix takes exceptional pictures, records smooth 2 minute vids AND plays music. And whilst we realise that listening to your camera sounds as contradictory as knocking on the phone, the SiPix remains a seriously desirable addition to any pocket.

      Memory Upgrade We also sell SD Cards which can boost this storage capacity of this camera.

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