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Shuffle Ball Deluxe

    Shuffle Ball Deluxe

    Shove Ha'penny gets a modern makeover.

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      The problem with most bar games is that they lose something in the translation between pub and living room. Home darts is dull, and, even if you can afford a genuine table, playing pool 'chez toi' is never the same unless you live in a house with super-sized rooms.

      action shot Thankfully, one game that survives home-adaptation remarkably well is Shuffle Ball. If you're over sixty you'll know it better as Shove Ha'penny, the addictive bar game that disappeared when pubs homogenized into magnolia-daubed discos.

      solid construction Basically, the idea was to skilfully slide a coin into a scoring zone in order to rack up points. The concept here is exactly the same, except this time you flick nifty little Rebound-style balls along the table. Each player has five balls of the same colour and alternating shots are taken from either end of the table until all balls have been played into the scoring zone. Highest score wins. Simple as that. Alternatively, you can both play from the same end and attempt to knock your opponent's balls out of the scoring zone.

      ball bag If all of this sounds screamingly straightforward, it is. It's also enormously entertaining and, unlike PS2, the rules are easy to explain to novices, relatives and mates in an advanced state of refreshment alike. Get flicking!

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