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Umbrellas for shoes

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    As any fashionista knows, teetering around in the latest peep-toe stiletto is no fun when it’s raining. And wrapping plastic bags around your Jimmy Choo’s is tantamount to wearing a donkey jacket over a fur coat. So thank goodness for Shuellas.

    The latest must-have accessory for dedicated followers of fashion, Shuellas (shoe+umbrella, geddit?) have been designed to protect your beloved designer shoes from inclement weather without making you look like a bag lady from the knee down.

    nice carry pouch!

    Comes with a nice
    carry pouch!

    Essentially, Shuellas are ultra-stylish fold-up galoshes that fit over your high heels. Simply pop them in your handbag and when the heavens open unfold them, slip them over your shoes and fasten via the velcro straps. Hey presto, dry heels! When you arrive at your destination, wipe off any excess water with the included cloth and fold them back into their convenient little pouch.

    Slip them over your precious heels

    Slip them over your
    precious heels

    As well as being a doddle to put on, Shuellas are seriously durable. And thanks to slip free soles you are unlikely to go for a tumble, even in the most vertiginous heels. Shuellas also come with separate heel reinforcers so even the pointiest skyscraper heel won’t wear through their PVC soles. Your Jimmy’s and Manolo’s need never get soggy again.
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    Available in various sizes just like regular shoes, Shuellas come in classic black, hot pink and buttercup yellow, so you can mix and match to suit your outfit. Fabulous dahling!

    What rain?

    Chic rain repellers!

    A great gift for the shoe lover with everything, these chic rain repellers are destined to become essential additions to every budding SJP’s handbag. In fact Shuellas are fantastic news for any girl with fancy shoes. And that means you*. Mwah!

    *If you are not a girl, congratulations on making it to the last paragraph. Weirdo.

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