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Sh*t Happens

Get your sh*t in order

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Sh*t Happens
Love it as much as we do?
  • Rank sh*tty events from the least sh*tty to the absolute sh*ttiest
  • Includes 200 very sh*tty situations
  • Everything from having an enema to finding a dead prostitute
  • Each one has been ranked according to a highly accurate 'misery index'
  • The perfect party game
  • Brought to life on Kickstarter
What's more sh*tty – losing your laptop, getting fisted by Mike Tyson or being buried alive? Toughie.

Sh*t Happens includes 200 sh*tty events, each one ranked from 1-100 based on 'professional feedback' from therapists, social workers etc. It's then up to you rank these events in order of sh*ttiness and separate the slightly trivial sh*t, from the horrendously awful sh*t

The first player to get their sh*t in order and accumulate 10 sh*tty cards wins!

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