Sh*t Bitch Bear
  • Sh*t Bitch Bear

Sh*t Bitch Bear

And they say romance is dead

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Sh*t Bitch Bear
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  • Nothing turns on a woman more than honesty
  • Struggling to put your feelings into words? Let this bear do it
  • Give them a token of your enduring no-nonsense love
  • This is your chance to sidestep the stale Valentine's Day clichés


Nothing turns a woman on like a bit of good old-fashioned honesty.

So for once, this Valentine's day you're going to tell her precisely how you feel about her. Stand out from the other desperate suitors. She doesn't want a soppy clichéd poem or a boring bunch of flowers, she longs for an authentic token of your no-nonsense and genuine love.

It's often hard to put these delicate feelings into words, but there's no doubt that this cheeky little ball of fur has done it with pinpoint accuracy. The cuddlesome Shit Bitch Bear clutches a large faux silk heart and proudly advertises your unspoken affections.

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17 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Absolutely love it! Really good quality, will make the best present for my friend"
    Anna - 26th of September, 2018
  • "She loved it. "
    Bernard - 2nd of March, 2018
  • "Funny, but expensive for the size. Feels like fairly decent quality. "
    Maxwell - 21st of February, 2018
  • "Good quality and at least I think it's funny (can't speak for my girlfriend until after Valentine's Day!)"
    Michael - 8th of February, 2018
  • "Different quirky"
    Stuart - 8th of December, 2017