Shower Radio

    Shower Radio

    At last, something new to play with in the shower!

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      Let's face it, the vast majority of shower accessories are about as much use as a set of Spam windscreen wipers: sloppy soaps on ropes, novelty plughole covers, suction-cup mirrors that keep sliding down the tiles, and poncey, rasp-like loofahs that invariably end up being used as stand-in loo brushes. But now, thanks to Firebox you can rave as you shave, mince whilst you rinse, mosh as you wash, and rock as you fiddle with your... er, clock.

      Yes, that's right music lovers; not only is our amazing little shower radio waterproof, it also features a handy LCD alarm clock so you'll always know exactly how long it's taking you to wash your bits and bobs. Let's be honest, everyone loves singing in the shower but imagine how superior your renditions of the latest chart sounds would be if you had a bit of accompaniment.

      With the sleek Shower Radio you can pump out your favourite choons and make shower time an even more invigorating experience. And just think of the fun you'll have listening to footie matches as you perfect your shampoo Beckham Mohican. The Shower Radio is great for baths too, and its handy hook means you can dangle it from just about anything - and we really do mean anything, if you early morning 'risers' out there catch our drift.

      Even better, it only costs a smidgen more than a couple of bottles of shower gel and features an AM/FM switch, a chunky volume dial and an easy to use tuning dial, so you'll have more than enough knobs to play with as the water cascades over your boogie-ing bod.

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