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Shower Beer Holder
  • Shower Beer Holder
  • Shower Beer Holder
  • Shower Beer Holder

Shower Beer Holder

Lather lather lather

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Shower Beer Holder
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Because where else do you put your beer while you're showering?
  • Effortlessly grips to smooth, shiny surfaces
  • Holds your beverage like an absolute champ
  • Doesn't use flimsy suction cups, wall mounts or sticky adhesive
  • Pissed in the shower?


Ever drunk a beer in the shower? Just, heaven. The warm water on your face, the ice cold refreshment on your lips. Everything getting mixed up into one delicious lather. So wrong yet so very right.

But where do you put your beverage in between sips? There's scarcely enough room for shampoo and conditioner on that little shelf, and you can't exactly leave the can on the floor. This is where the Shower Beer Holder (also known as the 'Sudski') works its grippy, boozy magic.

No wall mounts, sticky adhesives or "oh god, it's going to fall any second!" suction cups. The Shower Beer Holder grips onto smooth, shiny surfaces and holds your beer like an absolute hero.

Pissed in the shower? Now you know what all the fuss is about.

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