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      You've gathered an all-encompassing selection of liqueurs, spirits and rich alcoholic liquids with cream or crème in their name. A line of pristine shot glasses glistens afore them, hungry for the sweet-tasting potions that have been promised to them by an eager young thing pretending to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Unfortunately, the ensuing attempt at making a shooter results in a thick, messy glug of sickly grog unsuitable for even the hardiest boozehound.

      Yes, this all-too-common social situation needs never arise again. Enter Shotfloats, cousin to the Shot Rocks and helping hand for the amateur in his/her attempt to recreate the bartending feats of countless, thankless individuals who, Saturday night after Saturday night, pour out dozens of perfectly-formed B52s, Flatliners and other painful-sounding drinks.

      Instead of carefully pouring the beverage down the side of the glass, a Shotfloat allows you to pile the boozes directly on top of one another. The alcohol flows down the sides of the Shotfloat, you see, and then nestles gently on the layer beneath. Using the provided pourers (just like the ones they have in bars – brilliant!) it's almost impossible to bugger up your Bumble Bees with the introduction of a Shotfloat.

      Here are some of our favourite recipes:
      B-52: Kahlua, Irish Cream (that'll be Baileys to most of us), Grand Marnier
      B-54: Kahlua, Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, Tequila
      Bumble Bee: Kahlua, Irish Cream, Jack Daniels
      Dragon Fly: Crème de Menthe, Irish Cream, Vodka

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