Shot Gun
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Shot Gun

Pump-action glugging

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    D’ya feel thirsty? Well do ya, punk? Then you need a Shot Gun. Perfect for keeping the drinks flowing at parties, this supremely infantile pump-action dispenser squirts your glug of choice into waiting glasses or directly into expectant pieholes. ‘Ulp!

    Different sized platic bottles Screwing plastic bottle to the Shot Gun Shooting 17ml of liquid into a shot glass

    Use any sized plastic bottle to hold your liquid ammo

    Screw bottle to secure...

    Then fire a 17ml shot of your tipple!

    Joe wearing the cut-out sunglasses

    Wear the cut-out sunglasses to look even meaner!

    Simply load the included bottle cartridge (almost any plastic bottle will do) with your favourite liquid ammo, screw it onto the gun and let rip by tugging the slider. The harder you pull the further it shoots. Each pump splurts out around 17ml of booze, sorry, orange squash, making the Shot Gun perfect for filling shot glasses and gobs.

    We obviously can’t condone loading this blaster with anything alcoholic (they said whilst glancing sideways and whistling a selection of drinking songs) but it really comes into its own when everyone is in an advanced state of liquid refreshment. It even comes with a pair of cut-out-and-lose sunglasses to wear the morning after the night before. Ice bag and aspirins sold separately.

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