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Shot Carver
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Shot Carver

Waddya think of them apples!

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    Shot Carver
    You’re not still necking booze out of old-fashioned shot glasses, are you? You must be bananas! Party animals in the know drink from hollowed-out bits of fruit. Yes, we know it sounds a touch South Pacific, but it’s most definitely the way forward, especially if you’ve got a Shot Carver.

    This ingenious bar room gizmo bores into any hardish fruit (without a stone), pulling out a perfect cylinder of flesh. Hey presto, an all natural, seriously fruity disposable vessel from which to shoot your firewater of choice. Better still, if you leave the booze to sit for a while it becomes infused with fruity flavour. Cor, pip-pip and all that!

    We find apples work best but you can use pears, melons, pineapples and more. Why not pour Sparkling Vodka and a dash of vermouth into an apple for a fabulously fruity vodkatini. Or how about gin, Southern Comfort, triple sec and a squeeze of lemon in a watermelon for an Alabama Slammer with a twist. The possibilities are endless. We’ve even taken to pouring booze in potatoes – well at least there’s no washing up. Mmm…Maris Piper shooters.

    Made from steel, the dishwasher safe Shot Carver features an ergonomic rubber handle that makes corkscrewing it into funny-shaped fruit a doddle, even if you’ve already downed a few of the aforementioned shooters.

    Health experts are always banging on about getting your five a day and we think the Shot Carver is the answer. Sort of. A bit. Well, not really. Look, the point is it costs less than a tenner, it’s easy to use, fruit is plentiful and washing up sucks. Most importantly, we’ve yet to meet anyone who can resist downing a few shots from a hollowed out Cox’s Pippin. Waddya think of them apples!

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