Shot Blade Launcher
  • Shot Blade Launcher

Shot Blade Launcher

The heftiest boomerang-blasting disc gun in history!

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    In the wonderful world of weaponry, big is very often better. Just ask Arnie or Sly. Vest-clad, muscle-bound movie stars wouldn't be seen dead without a humungous hand cannon, and neither should you.

    Shot Blade Launcher Because sometimes size does matter. And there's no better feeling than getting to grips with an oversized weapon. If you're familiar with our extensive armoury of fun here at Firebox, you'll know we sell massive missile launchers and whacking great water pistols, but apart from our Rapid Fire Foam Disc Shooter, most guns in the disc-firing genre are about as menacing as a pea shooter in the hands of Duncan 'chase me!' Norvelle.

    Shot Blade Launcher That's why we were mightily impressed when we clapped eyes on the mucho-macho Shot Blade Launcher. This award-winning spinning-thingy firer is an absolute monster compared to every other disc gun we've seen. Put it this way, if Mr Worf off Star Trek had to choose between a Shot Blade Launcher or a piddly little phaser, we think he'd pick the former every time. Fair play, he wouldn't last long firing colourful plastic stars at rampaging Romulans, but at least he'd look cool and, more importantly, he'd get his ammo back.

    Shot Blade Launcher That's because with a little practice the three-wing boomerang blades that come with Shot Blade Launcher will fly right back to you and even spin around corners and over walls. Absolutely ammo-azing! The alternative, ferocious looking five-point blades fly faster and further, so they're your best bet for long range shooting and target practice.

    To cock this weird and wonderful weapon simply pull back the beefy front slide, place a sleek (but harmless) little propeller-style projectile in the launch chamber, aim and shoot. Flight time and distance depend on the disc, how you shoot it and the atmospheric conditions, but before long you should be able to achieve distances of almost 100ft.

    Shot Blade Launcher Shot Blade Launcher is undoubtedly the most accurate and entertaining weapon of its kind, and we guarantee you'll want to stand in front of the mirror repeating gun-related film quotes every time you get your mitts round it. 'Hasta la disc gun, baby!'

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