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Shockolate Vault
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Shockolate Vault

Deliver us from temptation

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    Resisting temptation is impossible when there's only a cupboard door between you and your naughty-but-nice treats. Yes, you can padlock the sweetie drawer shut, but locks are easy to thwart, especially when you're the keyholder.

    What all you weak-willed scoffers really need is a device to curb cravings; a gizmo that locks away temptation for hours; a container that delivers a spine-tingling electric shock if anyone attempts to open it! And here it is in the kitchen-friendly shape of the ingenious Shockolate Vault.

    Shockolate Vault Despite the choc-tastically nifty wordplay, this transparent container can be used to store treats of any description (so long as they fit inside). Simply pop your favourite chocs, sweeties or whatevers inside the jar, set the timer (up to 24 hours restriction) and the countdown begins. If anyone attempts to pilfer the jar's contents before the timer reaches zero the lid will emit a nasty but harmless electric shock. Ouch!

    Shockolate Vault

    It goes without saying that the Shockolate Vault is a brilliant way of keeping housemates' mitts off your tuck, but it's also a great dieting aid that can improve your willpower. Because believe us, controlling your cravings is much easier when faced with the prospect of an electrifying frazzle. What's more, the programmable timer means you can choose exactly how long you think you can hold out for.

    Shockolate Vault The Shockolate Vault is the ideal gift for greedy guts friends. It's also perfect for storing your goodies at work, as it discourages biscuit theft. Indeed, the tea-making area here at Firebox Towers is currently ringing out with aarghs and eeks as sweetie thiefs try and fail to open our Shockolate Vault.

    Forget Fatkins-style diets; this fiendishly amusing receptacle really is one of the best ways to control your cravingzzz!! So get ordering pronto. You're in for a shock!

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