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Shocking Thumbwars
  • Shocking Thumbwars

Shocking Thumbwars

Are friends electric?

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    Shocking Thumbwars

    Choose the level of pain!

    Thanks to video games, mobile phones and titchy laptop space keys, the average human thumb is more dexterous than ever. So why not put your stubby little digits to the ultimate test with Shocking Thumbwars.

    As its name suggests, this 3-in-1, head-to-head party game is shocking. And we don't mean price of a pint/Elton John's hair shocking, we mean proper electric jolt shocking. Pant-soilingly tense, it will have you gurning, writhing, flinching and wincing before you've even turned it on.

    Shocking Thumbwars

    Who dares...

    The idea is to beat your opponent in a trio of challenges where the loser gets a nasty but harmless electric shock (adjustable according to bottle). First up there's 50/50, a tooth-grindingly frantic game of speed and stamina. Simply tap your button 50 times before your opponent. In terms of furious digit-hammering it's right up there with arcade classics like Track & Field. Forty-eight, forty-nine...nyaargh!

    3 Games...

    Shocking Thumbwars

    First to fifty wins...
    a ZAP for the slowest!

    Like tennis but with LED lights and a shock for the loser!

    See who can keep their thumb down the longest!

    Next up there's Rebound, a Pong-style challenge that involves knocking an increasingly speedy light sequence back and forth. Get your timing wrong and you'll soon be pulling a face like Kenneth Williams sucking a lemon whilst passing a brick, as this spiteful little gizmo delivers its shock treatment.

    Shocking Thumbwars

    Let the thumb duel commence!

    Shocking Thumbwars

    Speaker underneath unit

    Finally there's Endurance. Simply hold on for as long as you can whilst the shock intensity slowly increases. Strictly for Jackass-style morons, this hilariously infantile challenge lasts for six rounds. If you can light up all your LEDs without releasing your thumb you're almost certainly the kind of person who enjoys sliding down barbed wire banisters and licking stinging nettles. Well 'ard!

    As the saying goes, pain is close to pleasure, and Shocking Thumbwars is, without doubt, one of the most buttock-clenchingly hysterical games we've ever played. In fact talking of thumbs, why not put yours to good use right now and hit the Buy button. Bzzzzz!

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