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Shocking Quiz

Wrong answer. Aargh!

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    If you think showing contestants what they 'could have won' is cruel, wait until you play this maliciously tense 4-player quiz. Because unlike other general knowledge games, Shocking Quiz punishes dimbos in a manner befitting their gross stupidity.

    Shocking Quiz

    Fingers at the ready

    No, it doesn't point at them and shout 'divvy' whilst pulling thicko faces (we'll leave that to you). Nor does it humiliate them in front of an entire nation, TV-styley. No, what it does is give them a nasty (but harmless) electric shock every time they answer a question incorrectly. Pant-wettingly hilarious? You've no idea!

    To get started players must appoint a quizmaster. This purveyor of pain takes a card and reads the question and its four possible answers. He/she must then input the correct answer (displayed on the back of each question card) into their handset and press the start button.

    Shocking Quiz

    Select either a low or high shock level

    Select how many contestants are playing

    Contestants pick up their handle and roll the dice

    Shocking Quiz

    Quiz master reads out the question determined by the dice

    Quiz master presses 'start' button once question has been read

    Contestant selects answer using the switch...then waits

    As the nerve-shredding musical countdown begins contestants have 7 seconds to answer correctly. If they boob they receive a nasty shock via their handset. Ouch! Correct answers get one point; first to 25 wins. And that, as Brucie would say, is all there is to it.

    Shocking Quiz

    If you think appearing on a TV quiz is unbearably tense, think again. Discovering you've lost thousands whilst being watched by millions is nothing compared to waiting for a possible electric shock. And there's nothing more satisfying than watching some rival know-it-all getting their electrifying come-uppance.

    Shocking Quiz

    Score card, questions and dice

    Like the saying goes, the questions are only easy if you know the answers (eg: What colour are post boxes in France?) and they're suitably random, so even the smarmiest smart alec will get frazzled at some point. In fact Shocking Quiz is one game that requires brains and bottle. The question is, have you got both? Well, have you? C'mon, the clock's ticking…Aargh!

    Shocking Quiz

    Question card example

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