Shocking Laser Guns
  • Shocking Laser Guns

Shocking Laser Guns

You sure know your weaponzzzz!

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    We've seen plenty of hi-tech hand cannons in our time. In fact here at Firebox we know our sci-fi weaponry better than the Terminator and Mr Worf combined. Fair do, ours is only pretend, but we recognise an adrenaline-pumping shooting game when we see one. And Shocking Guns is most definitely that!

    Shocking Laser Guns As its name suggests, this thrilling game of laser tag is truly shocking - and we don't mean it pulls its pants down and hurls abuse the minute you open the box (although that would be quite amusing). You see, unlike regular namby-pamby laser tag sets, this state-of-the-art shoot 'em up is truly electrifying. That's because a direct hit to your opponent's chest plate delivers a nasty (but harmless) electric shock via the butt of your opponent's über-futuristic pistol.

    Forget wimpy flashes and beeps; if you get hit with a blast from a shocking gun you'll definitely know all about it, and so will your opponent because every time you're hit, one of six LEDs on your chest plate is extinguished. Lose all your lights and it's game over!

    Shocking Laser Guns

    Okay, so you'll probably look more Power Ranger than Starship Trooper wearing the LED-laden chest plate, but that's a small price to pay for the sheer pant-wetting excitement you'll experience whilst battling it out brandishing a potentially shocking, super accurate, long range (5m) weapon. Indeed, each gorgeously rugged gun is supplied with a wrist strap to prevent you from dropping it when shocked. And that's extremely likely if you set your guns on the 'I'm hard, I am!' maximum shock setting, a mode which extinguishes two LEDs instead of one.

    You might imagine the key to victory lies in bombarding your opponent with a full-on assault, but Han Solo-style salvos will only end in mizzzzery because you need to 'reload' after every five shots - and that takes a full five seconds. For this reason you'll need oodles of cunning and stealth to outbuzz the enemy. In fact, you'll need every shred of nerve available, because Shocking Guns add an electrifying new dimension to laser tag. So go ahead punks, get ordering and make our d-aaarggh!

    Shocking Laser Guns

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