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Shock Ball
  • Shock Ball

Shock Ball

An electrifying new take on pass the paargh-cel

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    Throwing the Shock Ball

    Throw it hot potato-styley!

    When faced with important decisions there are many ways to choose who gets lumbered and who gets lucky. Drawing straws is one option, as is tossing a coin. You can even play eeny-meeny-miney-mo but that can look a tad childish, especially in the boardroom. That's why you need a Shockball.

    This ingenious little globe might look like a hi-tech cricket ball but it is actually a spiteful little sphere that delivers random electric shocks. The idea is to throw it around hot potato-styley until some poor sap eventually gets a nasty (but harmless) electric shock. Funny, eh?
    Just think of the possibilities. You can use Shockball to decide who gets the first round in, who has to sack the senior vice president, who gets to kick off, or who has to ask the hairy biker in the corner what perfume he's wearing (well, you never know).

    Throwing the Shock Ball

    Catch it if you dare!

    But even if you don't have any important decisions to make, passing Shockball about in a Chuckle Brothers 'to me, to you' fashion is still spectacularly amusing. It's a bit like playing pass the parcel with a grenade, only you won't end up with a Tom & Jerry-style chargrilled face. You will, however, suffer from an involuntary bout of comedy gurning and let rip with a volley of four letter words as Shockball delivers its electrifying coup de grâce.

    Passing this malicious little plaything around can become unbearably tense and it's stupidly addictive because the shocks are totally random. You could receive an electronic frazzle immediately or get buzzed after what seems like an eternity. You won't have to worry about power loss as Shockball's rechargeable battery gives up to 4 hours of continuous play. There's even an auto-off function to prolong battery life. So why not get ordering pronto and prepare to be totally shocked by the most entertaining little orb in the univerzzz. Ouch!

    Matt being shocked as he catches the Shock Ball


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