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Blanket coverage? Absolutely!

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    The great outdoors is great but it doesn’t half get chilly, especially on those nippy nights during festival season. But why wrap yourself in a blanket when you can wrap yourself in a Shmangle, the waterproof blanket with a hood.

    Ideal for outdoors types who feel the cold and dimwits who want to look like psychedelic Jawas, this luxe fleece blanket is waterproof on one side with a warm snuggly fleece on the other. Which is all very nice but its main attraction is its integrated hood. Simply pop it over your head to protect from rain, wind, cold, flying bottles of unidentified liquid and the godawful caterwauling emanating from the acoustic tent. Blanket coverage? Absolutely.

    Available in 4 colours:
    four colours

    Each Shmangle has it's own colour coordinated carry bag. Available in Pink, Green, Red or Blue


    Perfect for sitting on too

    As well as festivals, the machine-washable Shmangle is perfect for any outdoor event held upon the crummy-weathered shores of dear old Blighty. So what are you waiting for? Snuggle up under a Shmangle.

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