Shirtshuttle MK3
  • Shirtshuttle MK3
  • Shirtshuttle MK3
  • Shirtshuttle MK3
  • Shirtshuttle MK3

Shirtshuttle MK3

Pressed for time

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  • Kiss goodbye to crushed shirts and enjoy a crease-free commute
  • Rugged, lightweight and weatherproof case
  • Ideal for cycling to work, business trips, or going to the gym
  • Fold-away hook for hanging it up at your destination
  • Always have a spare shirt to hand
  • Don't squander all that precious time spent ironing
  • Can also be used to hold four rounds of sandwiches


No one enjoys ironing (ironing is bloody hard), so if you are going to take the time to flatten out one of your finest shirts, don't doom it becoming a crumpled mess by sticking it in your suitcase. Even the most meticulous folding and gentle placement won't spare your shirt from a myriad of deep creases – you need the Shirt Shuttle MK3.

Simply wrap your immaculately ironed shirt around the patented folding board; it's endowed with soft rounded edges and supports your shirt without applying too much pressure to any one spot (the cause of those damnable kinks) so it's ready to hang when you arrive at your destination.

To make sure your shirt is protected while you're travelling, the folding board fits into the lightweight and weatherproof case. Soft pads grip the shirt gently at several points to stop it rattling around. Once safely packaged inside, it's ready to be slipped into your backpack, hold luggage – or, with the built-in handle, carried separately.

With its sleek and slimline design, there's still plenty of vital space in your bag to load up with "borrowed" hotel toiletries. Now you can always have a spare shirt close at hand, ready to throw on at a moments notice. You'll feel just like Clark Kent, only you're putting a smart shirt on and you're not secretly a super hero.

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  • "Completely brilliant. Lightweight but robust."
    Emily - 17th of March, 2015