Shirt Shuttle MK2
  • Shirt Shuttle MK2

Shirt Shuttle MK2

Creases desist

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  • Don't squander all that time spent ironing
  • High-strength, lightweight and waterproof case
  • Always have a spare shirt handy


You’ve gone to all the trouble of ironing your shirt, but as soon as it goes in your suitcase it’s doomed. All that hard work (ironing is hard) and it will come out looking like a crumpled up crisp packet. Well we have a solution. The Shirt Shuttle MK2.

Shirt Shuttle MK2

Hang on, what a great idea

Shirt Shuttle MK2

Fold your shirt...

Shirt Shuttle MK2

ready for the crease-free
journey ahead

Just wrap your (perfectly ironed) shirt around the folding board. With soft rounded edges it supports your shirt without applying too much pressure to any one spot – the cause of dreaded creases – and is ready to hang on arrival.

Here are the basic steps to folding and packing your shirt*...

Step 1: insert folding board Step 2: Make cloncertina folds on sleeves Step 3: Fold bottom of shirt up Step 4: Flip the clip down

Insert the folding board lip under the shirt collar

Make three concertina folds on the shirt sleeve

Fold the bottom of the shirt up to meet the bottom of the folding board

Flip the clip back down to keep the folded shirt in place

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. To make sure your shirt is protected en route; the folding board fits into a specially designed high-strength, lightweight and waterproof case. So just follow the easy folding instructions, and slip your Shirt Shuttle into your backpack, boot or hold luggage – or sling it over your shoulder, you dashing chap.

Sure, it may take up vital space that you’d normally fill with ‘borrowed’ hotel toiletries, but it’s the perfect way to make sure you always have a spare shirt ready to throw on whenever the need arises. Thanks to the hardwearing case it’ll keep any dust, dirt and moisture away from your delicate duds – ready to throw on at a moment’s notice.

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