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    As seen on.. The Gadget Show! The history of movies is littered with monumental moments: the first 'talkie' back in 1927, the first Oscar ceremony in 1929, the groundbreaking animation in Disney's Fantasia and, of course, that bit in Commando when Arnie tells Bennett to "let off some steam" before impaling him on a ventilation pipe. Ah yes, movies are indeed magical.

    Shinco Portable DVD Player Of course, one of the greatest things to happen to movies in recent years has been the advent of DVD. This wondrous format is now the platform of choice for serious film buffs everywhere, and the players themselves are getting smaller all the time. Trouble is, regardless of player size, you usually need an accompanying TV or computer monitor to actually watch your films on. For this reason, we've unearthed a range of portable DVD players that conform to the Firebox ethos of value for money, super sleek looks and amazing functionality. Firebox regulars will be aware of the award winning* 5" & 7" Shinco models we have been offering, well the range has recently been revamped and we now have 2 new stunners with which to dazzle and amaze!

    Barely bigger than a couple of DVD cases, the dumbfoundingly diminutive Shinco DVD players are truly the 'giants among pygmies' in terms of their portability. Boasting a 7" or 8" colour widescreen ActiveMatrix TFT screen, Dolby Digital output, external memory card slots and USB OTG* ( 8" & model ) and an embarrassment of features usually associated with the big boys, the ridiculously portable Shincos are a fabulous hour-cruncher on long journeys and are certain to cause consternation (not to mention envy) amongst fellow travellers.

    But wait, there's more: these sleek, robust little movie houses also play a plethora of other formats, including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DivX, Xvid, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, JPEG and Kodak Picture CD. Please check the Shinco features section below for more info. For this price you'd think the manufacturers might be stingy with accessories, but no; each Shinco comes complete with a slick multi-function remote control, a car adapter, a high-capacity lithium battery, an AC adapter plus video and audio cables for hooking up to an external TV set should you so choose.

    If that doesn't get you rifling through your DVD collection in anticipation, try this for size: Shincos also have multi language/angle/subtitle capability, zoom play (2x & 4x), programmable play and a built-in anti-shock system to deal with bumpy journeys. There are even two stereo headphone outputs so you and a friend can watch the lairiest, sweariest movies without disturbing anyone but yourselves. Even the 7" player features a quality widescreen 16:9 display setting it aside from other players at this end of the price spectrum.

    In fact each member of the Shinco family has unique features. The 7" has the best specifications in its class and screen quality ( 400:1 contrast ratio ) is second to none.

    Shinco Portable DVD Player

    The versatile 8" model can be used either laptop style or tablet style. The lid closes like a laptop so the delicate LCD screen is protected. The display also rotates through 180 ° then folds flat with the base, turning it into a tablet style player which is easier to use in the car.

    ...and the UK press seem to agree with us! Over the past year our exclusive Shinco DVD Players have been grabbing awards left right and centre from some of the most prestigious review magazines on the market, including "Best Buy" awards from T3 Magazine and Essential Hi-Fi and Home Cinema as well as winning 1st place both magazines' "Portable DVD Group Tests":

    Analog TV Tuner

    Analog TV Tuner

    Shinco TV Tuners
    Bored with your DVD collection? Want to see who's winning the cricket? Now you can enjoy your favourite shows on the go, with a Shinco Analog TV Tuner. These external TV receivers let you watch telly on your Shinco's TFT LCD display.

    Shinco TV Tuners are the perfect companion to your Shinco 8" player (but NOT the current 7" models), as the 8" features a 5V DC Out port which will power the TV Tuner (power connecting cable included with TV Tuner).

    Shinco 7" or 8" Carry Case
    A right proper carry on! Keep your beloved 7" or 8" & Shinco safe whilst simultaneously silencing back seat drivers with this chic but sturdy nylon carry case. Simply open up, hang from the nearest headrest and voila - movies on the move. There's even room for a few discs and the remote. Ingenious? Why it's an open and shut case!

    Shinco 7

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