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Shinco Portable Media Player
  • Shinco Portable Media Player

Shinco Portable Media Player

Ultra-versatile screen legend

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    With so many digital media-playing formats floating around, wouldn't it be great to own a smart portable player that could handle the lot? A chic little gizmo that could play all the movies, music, clips and pics currently stuck on your computer whenever and wherever you wanted. An ingenious... hang on a minute, you've guessed what's coming, haven't you? Well yippeekiyay, because the Shinco Portable Media Player does all of the above and more!

    Shinco Portable Media Player This incredibly user-friendly machine has got to be most versatile player to hit the market since Maradona left Barcelona. And although it can't dribble a ball or eat twenty tortillas, the beautifully-built Shinco can play a whole heap of media file formats - from ASF and AVI to Divx, MPEG 1/2/4, JPEG, MP3 and WMA. Best of all, it costs a fraction of what you'd pay for a decent laptop - and who really needs all those dull, work-related function-zzzz anyway?

    Shinco Portable Media Player

    Shinco Portable Media Player With its impressive 40GB storage capacity ( up to 20 movies can be stored ) the ultra-compact Shinco is capable of crunching away the hours on long journeys. It's the ideal way to watch downloaded files away from your desk, especially seeing as it boasts a gorgeous 7" widescreen TFT monitor - unusual in a market where most portable media players have 3.5" or less. Talking of enjoying your multimedia on the move, a nifty Li-ION rechargeable battery gives you 2.5 hours viewing time or 4 hours of listening pleasure. That means you could, theoretically, watch a Vin Diesel turke... sorry, blockbuster, followed by a few music vids and still have enough juice to flick through your holiday snaps and listen to the latest album by Steve off X-Factor. If you want. But then again, variety is the spice of life - and that's exactly what this digital do-it-all offers.

    Shinco Portable Media Player

    Transferring files onto the Shinco is easier than pulling down your pants, because as well as a USB 2.0 port it also features an SD/CompactFlash/memory stick card slot. Indeed, if you can't get your files up and running on this slick, dummy-proof device, perhaps you should forget all about this newfangled digital media business and stick to shovelling coal in your ancient top-loading VCR.

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