Shinco GPS 350
  • Shinco GPS 350

Shinco GPS 350

Maps? How old fashioned!

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    Asking for directions is about as effective as chucking darts at a map. Because most of us listen attentively then go 'what did he say?' It's not so bad when you're on foot trying to find a pub, but it can be seriously stressful when you're driving round the gyratory system for the umpteenth time, with your partner sucking air in through their teeth.

    Shinco GPS 350

    Suction mounted

    That's why you need the feature-packed Shinco GPS 350. Destined to become an indispensable travelling companion, this slim but powerful gizmo will guide you to your destination with stunning accuracy, identify points of interest (65,000 entries) and even tell you where all those sneaky speed cameras are.

    Shinco GPS 350

    3.5" LCD colour touch screen

    Boasting a gorgeous 3.5" LCD colour touch screen with day/night mode, the GPS 350 displays your route via two and three dimensional maps and is stunningly accurate. Indeed, getting lost will soon be a thing of the past as this smart rechargeable gizmo gives concise, turn-by-turn voice guidance that anyone can follow.

    Shinco GPS 350

    Upgradeable via SD cards

    As well as showing you the way, the Shinco's ultra-powerful Destinator software displays handy landmarks such as petrol stations by brand, nightspots, car parks, train stations and hotels. Add to this door-to-door mapping, postcode navigation and stored favourites, and you're looking at a sat nav system that leaves pricier rivals up on bricks on the hard shoulder. This idiot-proof bit of kit is even upgradeable via soon-to-be-available SD cards containing maps of Europe and more.

    As if all this were not enough, a built-in MP3 player and integrated speaker allow you to listen to your favourite tunes while the GPS 350 shows you the way. The good people at Shinco have even been nice enough to throw in a pile of accessories including a suction mount, cigarette lighter adaptor, touch-screen stylus and headset.

    Shinco GPS 350

    Just think, armed with the Shinco GPS 350 you'll never have to ask weirdos for directions or drive around balancing a city guide on one knee. Better still, you'll arrive at your destination in a stress-free state with all your fingernails intact. Indeed, once you get your mitts on the Shinco you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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