SharpAct Knife Sharpener
  • SharpAct Knife Sharpener

SharpAct Knife Sharpener

And now for my next trick…!

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    sharpening a knife

    For my next trick...

    Sharpening your knives isn’t exactly the most fun you can have, but now you can take the boring burden of knife-sharpening away just like that, with the fantastically novel SharpAct Knife Sharpener.

    This brilliant tongue-in-cheek knife sharpener is inspired by the classic death-defying ‘woman sawn in half’ magic trick performed back in the Harry Houdini-era. With her head, legs and hands spilling out the sides of the authentic looking box, the SharpAct Knife Sharpener is a hilarious addition to your kitchen. You just sharpen your knife by dragging it through the robust carbon steel groove along the box that encases the poor little lady.

    You’ll soon have your knives perfectly up to scratch, as you have fun practicing your trickery in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for illusion enthusiasts and fans of freaky kitchen utensils, the SharpAct Knife Sharpener makes a gloriously gruesome gift.

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