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A bum gift

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    Now available in black!

    Cats' bums are funny. We've no idea why. And we agree that it's an incredibly crass opening statement for a quality site such as ours. But facts are facts and this one is inescapable.

    But why are your highbrow friends at Firebox discussing the jocular nature of the feline derrière? Take a look at the Sharp-end and you'll soon work it out. This utterly infantile novelty pencil sharpener has had us in stitches ever since we clapped eyes on it. In fact we had to send out for more pencils, such was its popularity.


    Get you pencil rearly sharp

    The idea - as if you needed an explanation - is to insert your pencil (ouch!) in the cat's rear end and give it a twist. The cat then lets out an indignant meow and the shavings fall neatly into the included litter tray. Purr-fect!

    There's something unfathomably funny about sticking your pencil where the sun don't shine, particularly when a cat is involved. After all they can be aloof little blighters, so what better way to wipe away that superior smirk than with a well-placed pencil.


    Ideal for those with pet allergies

    The Sharp-end makes an ideal desktop companion for anyone with a sense of humour. Yes, it's vulgar; yes, it's tacky; and yes, not many people even bother with pencils these days. But who cares about all that when the entire office is guffawing at your botty-based sharpening shenanigans?



    If Tom & Jerry were still around we feel sure that Tom would, by now, have already suffered the indignity of having a pencil shoved up his…well, you know. But they're not and he hasn't, so rejoice in the consummate silliness of the Sharp-end and get ordering. Meow!


    Don't try this at home!

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