Sharp Shootin' TV Remote
  • Sharp Shootin' TV Remote

Sharp Shootin' TV Remote

This sofa ain't big enough for the both of us

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    Sharp Shootin' Remote Control

    Shoot, I dares ya!

    With so much rubbish on the telly these days, changing channels can be seriously cathartic. Indeed some TV shows are so annoying simply blipping them off the screen with a regular remote just isn't enough. And that's why you need the Sharp Shootin' Remote Control.

    Fashioned to resemble a cowboy's six-shooter this rootin' tootin' remote is ideal for all you sofa sheriffs who have a love/hate relationship with the magic rectangle. Simply point it at the telly and pull the trigger. Then before you can say 'This town ain't big enough for the both of us' the channel changes up or down, depending on how you've set-up the pistol's sensor.

    Sharp Shootin' Remote Control

    Program the six-slinging remote!

    Compatible with most TVs, the Sharp Shootin' Remote Control can control one function from your regular remote, be it channel down, volume up, power off - whatever. You reset the gun by pressing the button in the base; when the red light appears simply point your TV remote at the sensor and press the button you want the gun to control. As soon as the light goes out you're ready to shoot. You'll even hear a comedy bang sound every time you squeeze the trigger. Yee-hah!

    Just to reinforce the utterly infantile nature of this ingenious product, the Sharp Shootin' TV Remote Control comes with a gold-effect sheriff's badge. This means you can sit back with your boots in the air, twirling your channel-zapping revolver whilst you put together a posse to head off those pesky varmints who've been rustling cattle from old man Smithers. If you want.

    Sharp Shootin' Remote Control

    Sit back and take your best shot!

    Sharp Shootin' Remote Control

    Bring Law and Order to your living room!

    If Wild West fantasies aren't your particular pan of grits you can always sit back and think of the King. Legend has it Elvis used to fire at the telly to change channels. And whilst we can't condone such rowdy behaviour we can't help but think that if it's good enough for Elvis it's good enough for you lot.

    The Sharp Shootin' Remote Control is ideal for telly-loving couch potatoes with a penchant for pretend gun-slinging. And that means you, doesn't it? So quit lollygagging around and hit this here Buy button before our entire supply skedaddles into the sunset, dagnammit!

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