Shark Attack! Mug
  • Shark Attack! Mug

Shark Attack! Mug

Great white, two sugars

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    Scale animation with someone like Butters

    Just when you thought it was
    safe to drink your coffee

    Have you ever hiccoughed? or perhaps been victim to a gigglesnort? Well the person drinking from the Shark Attack! Mug is about to. And not just because of that curiously placed! exclamation mark.

    Just hand your intended target a refreshing tea, coffee or hot chocolate in this innocent-looking porcelain mug and retreat to a safe distance. As they knock back their brew, the porcelain shark will be revealed inside the cup, looming out of the darkness. For the unsuspecting victim it’s enough to trigger hot squirts of beverage straight out of the nostrils. Which they’ll eventually find as funny as you do. Almost.

    Perfect for serious board meetings, first dates or tea with the in-laws, the Shark Attack! Mug is a great way to surprise, delight and clear the sinuses of your friends and family. They’ll never look at a cloudy coffee the same way again.

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