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Shape Up Alarm Clock
  • Shape Up Alarm Clock

Shape Up Alarm Clock

Wake up with a work out

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    Shape Up Alarm Clock

    Also available in white

    The idea of working out first thing in the morning makes us want to hide under the duvet and hum lullabies. In fact we'd rather spend eternity watching Nadia off Big Brother's dancercise video with anvils strapped to each limb than lift a finger in the a.m. And that's precisely why we love/hate the Shape Up Alarm Clock.

    Shape Up Alarm Clock

    Shape Up!

    This drill sergeant of a waker-upper is shaped like a dumbbell (weightlifter style, not Donny Tourette style) for a very good reason: you have to do 30 reps to turn it off. Aargh! It's not particularly heavy (only 660 grams) but let's face it, 30 reps with anything is going to wake you up, especially if it's bleeping incessantly. Feel the burn!

    Shape Up Alarm Clock

    10kg weight!

    With a digital display showing the time/reps remaining on one end and a 10kg logo on the other, the Shape Up Alarm Clock is a highly amusing gift for fitness freaks and lazy slobs alike. Unfit sleepyheads will appreciate the irony whilst toned muscleheads will appreciate the opportunity to define their biceps before having a bowl of vitamin-enhanced seaweed. Or something like that.

    Powered by 2xAAA batteries, the take-anywhere Shape Up also features a regular, no-reps-required alarm function. But that kind of defeats the object, doesn't it. Then again it might come in handy when you wake up with a head like a 10 ton barbell and a mouth like a camel's armpit.

    Shape Up Alarm Clock

    Looking fit in the morning!

    Muscles or no muscles one thing's for sure, this nifty alarm clock is an extremely effective weapon in the battle against lethargy. Who knows, those 30 reps might even inspire you to continue your morning with a full-on workout.

    Whatever happens it's unlikely you'll feel like returning to bobo-land after working up a sweat silencing this infernal lie-in buster. And that's the idea. So come on, drop and give us 30. Well okay, £19.95 will do. All together now, 'It's the eye of the tiger...'

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