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Shampoo Rinse Cup
  • Shampoo Rinse Cup

Shampoo Rinse Cup

Keep the soap out of their eyes

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    Holding the Shampoo Rinse Cup

    Soft and flexible concave spout

    Take the sting out of washing your children’s hair with the Shampoo Rinse Cup. Ideal for bathtime, this specially-designed water jug has a flexible concave spout – hopeless for pouring milk on cereal, but perfect for holding against your child’s forehead and rinsing off shampoo.

    Thanks to this clever spout the water is directed away from their face as you pour it; so no more soap in the eyes. The compact cup holds up to 1.4 litres of water, but gives you complete control over where it goes; making rinsing quick and easy.

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